Why Cloverleaf
I love all things Alfa Romeo and have adopted the cloverleaf as the symbol and name of my company.

Why “Cloverleaf”?

Perche “Cloverleaf”?

It all goes back to one of the most famous Alfa Romeo drivers of all time, Ugo Sivocci. He was a personal friend of Enzo Ferrari and was hired to drive in the three man works team known as Alfa Corse alongside Ferrari and Antonio Ascari.

Sivocci had great experience but was constantly hampered by bad luck, repeatedly finishing in second place. The Targa Florio of 1923 was fast approaching, an important open road endurance automobile race held in the mountains of Sicily, and Sivocci was determined that his luck would change.

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To this end he had a white square painted in the centre of the grille of his car and on it he painted a green four leaf clover or quadrifoglio in his native tongue. It had an immediate effect and Sivocci romped home in first place, saying that his cloverleaf had brought him good fortune.

Alfa adopted the cloverleaf insignia and had it painted on all their racing cars, now painted on a white triangle, rather than a square.

Unfortunately Sivocci was killed shortly after his victory test driving an Alfa P1 at Monza. Perhaps significantly the car did not sport a quadrifoglio.

I love all things Alfa Romeo and have adopted the cloverleaf as the symbol and name of my company.



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Qualcosa su di me

My name is Pete Hlad and I have been in the car maintenance business ever since I left school, some thirty years ago.

My mother is from Naples originally and I have always had a love of Italy, going back to the Old Country as often as possible to enjoy the food, wine and wonderful generosity of spirit of the people.

I have a passion for Italian classic cars, especially Alfa Romeos. I started up Cloverleaf as Italian car specialists, particularly Alfa Romeo and Fiat models, in 1994. The business has grown steadily and I now employ three expert technicians.