The Right Oil for your Car
Oil is as just as important as fuel for cars.
We only use approved Selina oils for our servicing and repairs.

The Right Oil for your Car!

L’olio Giusto per la Vostra Auto

Using the right oil for your car is crucial for getting the best performance out of your vehicle.

Selenia oil and fluid products are recommended by Alfa Romeo and Fiat, as well as Maserati and I am pleased to say that we use their products whenever possible. They produce specific oils designed to get the best out of the engines they are made for.

I believe in providing the best service possible and this includes using the correct oil for your make of car. This means that I won’t be using Duckhams or Shell, good though these products are. I will use the Selenia oil specifically produced for your make of car. They pay such attention to detail that they make slightly different versions of the same oils for individual versions of Fiats and Alfa Romeos.

You won’t find Selenia products on the average forecourt or at Halfords as they are only available through specialist dealers, such as ourselves. Admittedly they are slightly more expensive than the generic types but they are the best available and I am proud to use them.

These are the most popular Selenia products:
selenia oil
Selenia 20K 10W40 Semi Synthetic – suitable for Fiat and Alfa Romeo petrol engines.
Selenia Turbo Diesel Semi Synthetic - suitable for Fiat and Alfa Romeo 8v diesel engines.
Selenia WR Semi Synthetic Synthetic – suitable for Fiat and Alfa Romeo 16v diesel engines.

I can give you further details of the correct oil for specific engine types - just ask.