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It all goes back to one of the most famous Alfa Romeo drivers of all time, Ugo Sivocci. He was a personal friend of Enzo Ferrari and was hired to drive in the three man works team known as Alfa Corse alongside Ferrari and Antonio Ascari.

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The number of cars stolen rose by 9% in 2015, the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service has announced. 

Many of the 75,600 incidents feature luxury

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I don’t buy lottery tickets, as it happens, but if I were lucky enough to be a winner here’s something that would definitely be on my list of luxuries to buy.

Alfa Romeo announced at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed that the new Giulia Quadrifoglio would be on sale from October this year for the princely sum of £59,000.

A new driving test is being proposed for drivers of autonomous or so-called driverless cars.

An EU think-tank has come up with a test for drivers who give up control of their vehicles but might need to take it back at short notice. Just as Volvo announced a trial for autonomous technology