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This month I am providing you with a more general blog than usual, specifically aimed at helping you prepare your vehicle for the winter weather that is bound to hit the UK eventually.
Try these tips:

• Look after your windscreen. Obviously you need to keep it clean so make sure the windscreen washer is topped up.

These days you can get a more concentrated car wash that doesn’t freeze. Think about having any scratches, chips or abrasions fixed as the cold weather can make them worse. And don’t forget the de-icer.

• Set up a checklist. Make a list of all the things that should be checked. These will include car batteries, bulbs and wiper blades. You don’t want to get stuck out in the cold for the sake of a bulb.

• Plan for really bad weather. Every year we seem to be caught out in this country by a particularly vicious cold snap. Remember the Beast from the East? Think about packing a survival kit including spare clothes, torch, mobile phone charger, tow rope, shovel and emergency rations including water and chocolate.

• Dress appropriately for the weather. It may be okay to sit in a t-shirt while the heater is blasting out hot air but if it packs up you could be in serious trouble.

So a bit of forethought can save you a lot of hassle. Be safe over Christmas and the festive holiday period.

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