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If you are looking to buy a Xmas present for an Alfa fan or thinking about a wish list to leave lying about the house for Santa to find, I might be able to give you some pointers.


I typed ‘Alfa Romeo Gifts’ into the Amazon search engine and came up with a whole host of products; 69 altogether. Whilst I cannot vouch for any of the products mentioned myself, it certainly provides some interesting choices.

What about an Alfa Romeo badge keyring? There are plenty to choose from, including one that looks to be very affordable as a stocking filler at £6.99.

As you might expect, there are plenty of badges available, including grille badges, and a splendid collection of ready-made models of the classic cars. I was especially taken by the 1966 Spider Duetto, in red, naturally.

There is clothing available as well, such as a genuine Alfa Romeo Tech’s black sweater. Mind you, it costs around £130.

So drop your note to Santa now. Or, of course, you could always treat yourself!

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