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Regular readers of this blog will know that I like to keep up with the activities of the Cotswold Alfa Romeo Owners Club. I have just seen their latest online newsletter and these local events caught my eye:

The European Car of the Year is undoubtedly one of the prestige awards. It was first established in 1964 and its voting jury consists of top motoring journalists from across the continent.

I was pleased to learn that Alfa Romeo has thrown down the gauntlet by recording the first ever SUV production car laps at 3 iconic UK circuits.

I saw a BBC news report online this month about the most powerful street car ever to be built – and its Italian.

However, it’s not the fact that the Pininfarina Battista is the most powerful hypercar ever built that’s raising eyebrows. Nor is it the hefty £2m price tag. What’s really causing a stir is that it is all electric.