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It is with deep regret that the 2018 World Cup is currently taking place without the presence of the Azzurri, the Italian national football team, as they failed to qualify.

However, it is quite feasible for Alfa Romeo owners to transfer their allegiance to another national team for the duration of the competition – that of Spain!

How so, I hear you ask? It is simply because Alfa have a long history of sponsoring top teams in La Liga. Over the years they have sponsored famous club sides such as Atletico Madrid, Real Betis and Valencia.

Alfa Romeo’s highly-acclaimed Giulia Quadrifoglio has picked up yet another prestigious award having been named ‘Best Sports and Performance Car’ in the annual What Car? Car of the Year awards for 2018.

I have recently seen the latest newsletter from the Cotswold section of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Included are a number of dates that local Alfa owners might be interested in attending:

If you are looking to buy a Xmas present for an Alfa fan or thinking about a wish list to leave lying about the house for Santa to find, I might be able to give you some pointers.